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Located in an ideal position, WhiteCanvas is a fascinating space that spans approximately 600 square meters, nestled within a charming Milanese courtyard. This unique venue, spread across three levels, is a versatile environment that adapts perfectly to a wide range of occasions, from corporate events to performances, presentations, and product launches.

The interior spaces have been carefully designed to offer an unforgettable experience. WhiteCanvas is equipped with state-of-the-art audio systems, allowing for seamless sound distribution in each room, ensuring exceptional sound quality. Moreover, the ability to adjust lighting provides full control over the atmosphere, creating the perfect environment for every occasion.

Convenience is a fundamental aspect of WhiteCanvas: a modern elevator conveniently connects the three floors, facilitating movement and ensuring easy access to all areas of the building. Additionally, high-speed Wi-Fi connection allows guests to stay connected and make the most of digital resources during the event.

In summary, WhiteCanvas represents an oasis of creativity and functionality, where distinct spaces blend harmoniously to create an extraordinary environment. Whether you are planning a prestigious corporate event, an engaging art exhibition, or the presentation of an innovative product, WhiteCanvas is the ideal choice to create an unforgettable experience.


  • Country: Italy


  • Property Size: 600 mq.
  • Locals: 3


Ph Right – Antica fabbrica 14


B14 + PH14 – Antica Fabbrica 14

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