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Who we are

Created in 2004, Tortona Locations understood well in advance the need of companies and entrepreneurs to be able to dispose of qualified and equipped spaces for short periods for the display, sale or launch of a product, developing over time a specialized offer of expiring services. Tortona Locations, in 2007, was among the first to propose in Milan the new formula of the temporary shop, a formidable communication tool, of immediate success, as well as an excellent sales channel. Tortona Locations is co-founder of Tortona Area Lab, an association that promotes and organizes Tortona Design Week.


360 degree consultancy

Since 2004 in direct contact with the territory, Tortona Locations has gained a great knowledge of the area, its resources and potential and can offer advice aimed at fully satisfying customer needs. In addition to directing it in the selection of the location, Tortona Locations field specific teams from time to time, using its own internal resources or drawing on its vast network of professionals, for 360 degree consultancy: concept design, set-up design, key production in the hands of events and the development of communication projects aimed at targeted targets.

Promotion and organization of events

Tortona Locations, thanks to the great experience gained and the numerous and consolidated contacts, develops, in the area, projects and initiatives on its own or together with partners such as the Tortona Area Lab Association of which it is a founding member. It has promoted highly successful events such as Design in Progress, Tortona Around Design, Mi Gusto Tortona and Casello Giallo and participates with its own formats in events spread throughout Milan such as Expoincittà and Green City.

The Tortona Design Week

Committed since 2004 to the promotion of young companies and designers, Tortona Locations is one of the organizers of Tortona Design Week, an international event that takes place in the area between via Tortona and Savona simultaneously with the International Furniture Fair.
This event, now widespread throughout the city and known generically as “Fuorisalone”, was born in the Tortona area and still today welcomes more than 150,000 registered visitors of different nationalities in the area and is known by those working in the sector internationally.

The Fashion Week

In conjunction with the fashion weeks, Milan Fashion Week and White, numerous companies turn to Tortona Locations to find the suitable location for the promotion and sale of their products. In recent weeks the temporary showrooms and temporary shops offered by Tortona Locations constitute a network that enhances and enhances the visibility and communication of individuals.

The network of spaces

Tortona Locations, engaged for years in space management and event planning, offers a dense network of spaces within walking distance of each other in the heart of the most creative Milan. Laboratories, workshops, shops, former converted factories, all spaces equipped with cutting-edge services, available for events, demonstrations, temporary shops, photographic services, showrooms. Taking advantage of its system of locations that constitute a real circuit within the Tortona area and in-depth knowledge of the territory, Tortona Locations constitutes a real meeting point for ideas and initiatives, a pivot around which rich temporary events gravitate of innovative content.

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