Who we are

Founded in 2004, Tortona Locations has immediately sensed the demands of companies and managers wanting to use qualified and well-equipped spaces for a limited period of time in order to display, sell satisfying these needs. In 2007, Tortona Locations was one of the first agencies offering in Milan the new temporary shop solution, not only a great communication tool that reaped immediate success, but also an excellent purchase channel. Tortona Locations is member of Assotemporary and co-founder of Tortona Area Lab, the association which promotes and organizes Tortona Design Week.

What we do

Besides guiding the client to the selection of the most appropriate location for the requirements, Tortona Locations uses from time specific team, taken from its vast bet of professionals, able to think of a concept, to plan settings or exhibitions, to produce turnkey for events and to work on communication projects addressed to specific target.

Network of spaces

Tortona Locations, engaged from years in the management of spaces, the planning and organization of events, offers a close knit network of spaces in the heart of the more creative Milan. Laboratories, workshops, stores, reconverted factories, all spaces endowed of services to the vanguard available for all sort of events, manifestations, temporary shops, photo reportage, showrooms. Thanks to the network of locations within the Tortona area and to the know-how gained over years, Tortona Locations is a real catalyst of ideas and events. It is a hinge around which temporary events rich in innovative contents rotate.

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